WEBINAR-Engaging Community Partners to Support Healthy Food Retail


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Over the past several years, healthy food retail has become an effective strategy for improving the economic health and well-being of communities. Community leaders, businesses, nonprofits, and local government are recognizing the key to a successful operation often hinges on community involvement and participation. The integration of community in planning and development is essential to successfully increase access to healthy foods, create jobs, and provide communities with new or improved place-based spaces that encourage neighborhood revitalization.
This webinar discusses how healthy food retail developers are engaging community stakeholders to ensure local residents have a stake in, benefit from, and have greater access to healthy foods. Speakers in this webinar discuss how equitable development is a sustainable growth model and strategy to ensure residents benefit from having additional retail in their neighborhoods.
Webinar speakers include:
--Mary Lee, Deputy Director, PolicyLink (Moderator)
--Donna Leuchten, Director of Sustainable Food Systems, Uplift Solutions
--Esther Park, Community Outreach Coordinator, Los Angeles Food Policy Council
--Mariela Cedeño, Director, Social Enterprise and Microfinance, Mandela Marketplace