​​​​​​​Nonprofit Finance Fund

As one of the nation's leading community development financial institutions, Nonprofit Finance Fund ® (NFF®) makes millions of dollars in loans to nonprofits and pushes for fundamental improvement in how money is given and used in the sector.

Through their 7 offices, NFF also speaks out, writes, and conducts research to help advocate for positive change nationwide. As the only national CDFI focused exclusively on nonprofits, NFF has lent over $250 million and leveraged $1.4 billion of capital investment on behalf of their clients. In partnership with others, NFF has generated $16 million for nonprofits for building reserves, cash reserves and endowments through our multiyear asset-building service, Building For the Future (BFF). They also provided $1.2 million in loan guarantees, $10.3 million in 9/11 recovery grants, about $13 million in capital grants, and $2 million in planning grants.

The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) uses HFFI financing to offer healthy food retail outlets coupled with education and outreach programs that promote food purchasing behavior change in low-income communities.

HFFI Projects

  • LA Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA
    • NFF provided a $2.0 million startup loan for tenant improvements in 2015.
    • Location: Urban
    • Type: distribution of senior meals, & healthy retail snacks, plus culinary job training program, and food processing/food recovery.
    •  Amount Leveraged: $1 million of private grants and program- related investments.
  • City Slicker Farms, Oakland, CA
    • NFF provided a $400,000 bridge loan in 2015
    • Location: Urban
    • Type: Farmstand, urban farm and park
    • Amount Leveraged: $4.0 million government grant

Source of money: HFFI CDFI-Financial Assistance Program; Fiscal Year(s): 2012