Connect With Your Local Food Policy Council

Across the country, local communities are establishing food policy councils (FPCs) or other bodies, such as a local task force or committee, to create a space for diverse representatives and stakeholders from across a local or regional food system to come together and identify and prioritize needs, identify policy solutions, and coordinate and implement action. If your city does not yet have a local food policy council, consider reaching out to others who might be interested in starting one.

About Food Policy Councils

Food policy councils often include representatives from the key sectors of a food system—production, processing, distribution, retail and consumption, and recovery/disposal—as well as advocates, organizations, local residents, workers, and others who are interested in aligning policy efforts. FPCs are often initiated through a government or public process, such as a resolution, executive order, or act, and thus are often connected to the local, city, regional, or state jurisdiction. FPCs play an important role of educating and offering recommendations to policymakers.

The John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future has developed a Food Policy Networks project with helpful resources to learn about your FPC and others from across the country. Check out the following: