• Bodega Bootcamp: Business Skills for Startup Grocers

    The Bootcamp takes entrepreneurs through the nitty gritty aspects of running a store, from reading income statements to predicting expenses to properly pricing and determining profit margins.

    Bodega Bootcamp: Business Skills for Startup Grocers
  • The Farm to Plate (F2P) Investment Program

    This profile highlights the Farm to Plate (F2P) Investment Program, which was designed to strategically strengthen the state’s food and farm sector and encourage the purchasing of local foods.
    The Farm to Plate (F2P) Investment Program
  • New Jersey State and Local Impacts

    The American Heart Association, The Food Trust, and the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids have been educating policymakers to build support for state investment.
    New Jersey State and Local Impacts
  • Research Your Community

    Map search results return policy efforts, key resources, and broader state resources for each state in the country. These results point you to resources and tools you can use to advance a project or policy effort in your community.
    Research Your Community

What's New

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    Voices for Healthy Kids Incubator Grants support innovative advocacy approaches that align with the program's policy priorities to fight childhood obesity. Applications due 8/18/16.

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    News & Events

    Find the latest media coverage related to healthy food access and sign up for events.


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    Policy Efforts & Impacts

    Learn about the impacts of the Healthy Food Financing Initiative - bringing jobs, economic development, and healthy food access to lower-income communities across the country.
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    Engaging Women & Entrepreneurs of Color

    The webinar presented the economic potential of entrepreneurs of color and female entrepreneurs, common barriers and challenges to accessing capital, and promising approaches.

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    Corbin Hill Food Project

    This project works to connect farm communities growing local produce and city communities that want and need healthy food.

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    Healthy retail programs in urban areas are helping change the way people eat across the United States.Health agencies, community organizations, and small businesses are teaming up to increase food access in underserved communities.