• Food is Medicine

    ProMedica—a nonprofit, locally owned healthcare system—believes food is medicine. They're committed to addressing the issues that determine the health of communities: Healthy food access, adequate housing, employment, and other social determinants of health. 

    Food is Medicine
  • Research Your Community

    This new mapping tool can help individuals and organizations better understand the communities in which they are working to improve access to healthy food.
    Research Your Community
  • South Carolina Healthy Food Financing Initiative

    The  SC HFFI public-private partnership, will support local farmers and businesses by providing access to loans for the renovation or expansion of food projects, including farm businesses, mobile markets, small food stores, and grocery stores.
    South Carolina Healthy Food Financing Initiative
  • Bottino's ShopRite, Vineland NJ

    Bottino's is a family-run independent grocery chain in southern New Jersey. While relocating their grocery store in a historic downtown area, city officials recognized that a new supermarket could catalyze the revitalization of the area.
    Bottino's ShopRite, Vineland NJ

What's New

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    The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Childhood Obesity Prevention Challenge Area focuses on the societal challenge to end obesity among children. Applications due 8/4/16.

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    News & Events

    Find the latest media coverage related to healthy food access and sign up for events.


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    Policy Efforts & Impacts

    Learn about the impacts of the Healthy Food Financing Initiative - bringing jobs, economic development, and healthy food access to lower-income communities across the country.
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    Webinar Archive

    This webinar archive serves as a training on how to effectively leverage The Research Your Community mapping tool.The tool can also be a valuable resource for your advocacy and fundraising efforts.

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    Pyburn's Farm Fresh Foods

    The City of Houston dedicated funding to support the development and renovation of healthy food retail in areas of greatest need.

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    As food insecurity spikes, food banks are using refrigerated trucks to bring fresh food directly to communities nationwide.