St. Clair Superior Development Corporation

St. Clair Superior Development Corporation (SCSDC) began over 30 years ago with the mission to guide neighborhood transformation for residents and businesses in the community.  Their services include community involvement, connecting community groups and resources together while providing small grants; housing services; housing development; commercial services and Technical Assistance (TA) to businesses; industrial programs that involve outreach, support services, and TA to the industrial community consisting of businesses and jobs to assist with economic development opportunities; arts and culture opportunities; an youth programs.
SCSDC is using HFFI financing to address food insecurity in its community by establishing Hub 55, a food hub, farmers market, café, and brewery. Hub 55 will improve food security and contribute to community revitalization by creating employment and business development opportunities that did not previously exist for low-income individuals. Located in a food desert in Cleveland, OH, Hub 55 will spark the essential commercial vitality that will improve Cleveland’s east side neighborhoods and help the local economy flourish. This food hub will create a distribution opportunity for food suppliers and entrepreneurs, thus simultaneously ensuring employment for low-income individuals and bring healthy food choices to low access and low-income areas.
Projected Program Outcomes:

  • 45 jobs created
  • Funds to be leveraged: $449,000

Source of money: HFFI CED Program; Fiscal year(s): 2014