"Doubling Up" on Produce at Detroit Farmers Markets: Patterns and Correlates of Use of a Healthy Food Incentive

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Cohen et al., American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published online Dec 2017; DOI: 10.1016/j.amepre.2017.10.005.
Use of SNAP benefits at Detroit farmers markets was far greater than corresponding national rates during the "Double Up" program. Demographics of Double Up Food Bucks users were similar to the overall Detroit SNAP-enrolled population, except that Double Up Food Bucks users were poorer and disproportionately female. Only one-third of users were repeat customers over the 2-year study period. Repeat use of the program was directly correlated with identifying as white (p < 0.001) and inversely correlated with driving distance to the market (p < 0.001). Addressing SNAP participant barriers to initial and repeat use of healthy food incentive programs would help maximize impact among Americans at greatest risk of diet-related disease.