Reinvestment Fund and Nonprofit Finance Fund

Reinvestment Fund is a national leader in improving the food landscape in low-income communities, has provided more than 200million in financing to 143 healthy food projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic—from supermarkets to corner stores and produce distribution centers. First serving as the manager and designer of the successful Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI) in 2004, Reinvestment Fund has since developed a comprehensive approach to improving the healthy food landscape in neighborhoods, cities, and states. The approach includes flexible capital, as well as rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis, to inform financing and measure the impact.  

Their financing helps supermarkets and other retailers of healthy foods overcome some of the higher start‐up costs associated with locating in low‐income, underserved neighborhoods. Reinvestment Fund offers our customers loans for predevelopment activities, site acquisition, construction, and flexible longer‐term debt. Reinvestment Fund is using its federal HFFI grant awards to enhance our ability to provide much-needed capital for a variety of healthy food access projects.