​​​​​Opportunity Finance Network

In Baltimore, Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) is working with TRF and Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD) to support the construction of a 67,000-square-foot, full-service ShopRite supermarket in the Howard Park community. The Howard Park ShopRite will provide access to fresh foods and create 250 full- and part-time jobs, many of which will be filled by neighborhood residents. OFN also uses HFFI financing to provide capital to CDFIs that are ramping up their capacity to address food access issues but are not prepared to secure HFFI awards. OFN provides senior participation loans, long-term loans, and participation loans for healthy food projects. You can find more information here.

Source of money: HFFI CDFI-Financial Assistance Program

Note: Opportunity Finance Network is a CDFI headquartered in Pennsylvania that finances projects in Maryland.