​​​​Madison Park Development Corporation

Madison Park Development Corporation (MPDC) works with low-to-moderate income Roxbury residents and their allies to achieve the physical, economic, social and cultural renaissance of Roxbury. Over the past 47 years, MPDC has created what has been hailed as a model for resident-led community development in Roxbury.
The Tropical Foods Supermarket Project’s major goals and objectives are threefold: (1) bring a desperately needed supermarket to Roxbury, MA-- a low-income neighborhood of Boston, (2) provide 46 full time permanent positions for the low-income residents of the neighborhood and (3) act as a catalyst for future commercial development in the Dudley Square commercial center. The $800,000 OSC investment is leveraging more than $8,049,009 dollars of non-OCS/CED funding for the project.

Projected Impacts

  • Expand 8,500 sq. ft. third-general Tropical Foods market into 30,000 sq. ft. supermarket in low-income Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, MA
  • Create 46 permanent jobs for low-income residents
  • Catalyze future commercial development in Dudley Square commercial center

 Federal HFFI Program: Fiscal Year 2012, $788,673