LiftFund (formerly ACCION Texas, Inc.)

LiftFund (formerly known as ACCION Texas, Inc.) is using HFFI financing to support lending for food retailers in low-income areas throughout Texas. Loans will be provided to small businesses, such as grocery stores, mobile food trailers, farmers’ markets, cooperatives, corner stores, and bodegas. LiftFund is concentrating its lending in five counties without accessible fresh food. The counties, three urban and two on the border, are Bexar, Cameron, Dallas, Harris, and Hidalgo. Since LiftFund is the nation’s largest microlender, loans will likely go to enterprises like food manufacturers, food distributors, food trucks, bakeries, and restaurants committed to making and selling healthy food. 
Source of money: HFFI CDFI-Financial Assistance Program; Fiscal year(s): 2013