Federal Policy Efforts (State-specific)

Englewood Community Development Corporation

Englewood Community Development Corporation (ECDC) will use HFFI funds for the Farm 365 Expansion Project to expand the existing food production business, the Farm 365, in the Near Eastside area of Indianapolis, Indiana, to increase distribution and consumption of fresh healthy affordable food. Farm 365 is expanding its business into a larger facility, which will be utilized for an urban indoor farm with new growing, production, packaging, and office space. The CED grant will allow ECDC to purchase LED lighting and hydroponic growing systems for the new facility and to fund the construction of the growing system and equipment. You can find more information here.

Source of money: HFFI CED Program

State & Local Policy Efforts

Are you working on a local or state policy effort in this state? Are you involved with a project supported by a federal Healthy Food Financing Initiative grant? Let us know at [email protected] or visit the Contact Us page to add to the Portal.

We encourage you to check out the following resources to learn more about or get involved with food access issues in your state:

For a full understanding of Healthy Food Financing Initiatives from advocacy to implementation, see The Food Trust’s Healthy Food Financing Handbook.