Data Categories

This tool provides 60 data indicators related to a variety of topics. Broadly, the categories of data are the following: 

  • Demographics includes data on race and ethnicity, income, poverty, recipients of SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), and rates of unemployment.
  • Food Environment includes data on supermarkets, farmers markets, and the degree of access to healthy food retail outlets such as USDA’s Low Income, Low Access designated census tracts and Reinvestment Fund’s Limited Supermarket Access areas.
  • Health includes data on fruit and vegetable consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, and diabetes.
  • Federal Programs and Investments includes eligibility data for various federal funding programs such as New Markets Tax Credits and Community Development Block Grants.

The data displayed by this tool can vary according to geography. For instance, you can view unemployment data for states, counties, and municipalities, but not zip codes.  Some data sources are updated frequently, while other data are refreshed occasionally.

Click here for a list of data indicators and their sources.  

Click here for detailed descriptions of all data sources.