Find Money & Policy Efforts by State

Search by State is an interactive tool that can be used to find resources and information organized by state. The database includes information on the following.

  • Policy Efforts and Impacts: federal, state and local policy efforts
  • Funding Opportunities by Type: grants, loans, Healthy Food Financing/HFFI, incentives, and tax credits

To use the tool, follow these three easy steps:

  • Find your state by clicking on the map below or scrolling down the list of states
  • Customize your search by selecting or deselecting the filter options under Policy Efforts & Impacts and Funding
  • Click "Set Filter" to view your results.

Please note that you may need to scroll all the way down to view the full research results. To find additional resources, tools, and information, click here to use the interactive Search tool or type a keyword into the Search bar in the navigation menu above.

Are you working on a state and local policy initiative or project supported by a federal HFFI grant or loan not included in this database? Do you have a funding opportunity you would like to post? Let us know at or visit the Contact Us page.